Creating a world where collisions no longer happen is one of our most monumental dreams yet, and we’re already working toward making it come true with advanced suites of collision-avoidance and driver-assistive technologies called HondaSensing® and AcuraWatch™. Through these and future innovations, we are working toward realizing our vision of a collision-free society.

Imagine No More Collisions

Looking toward the future, we are developing new technologies that move beyond protecting occupants in a collision to systems that can eliminate the potential for a collision altogether.

By advancing vehicle sensing, artificial intelligence and vehicle connectivity technology, we hope to create a Cooperative Car Society that is safer, more efficient and more responsive to the needs of our customers.


Safe and Sound

We’re focused on the safety of all road users. That’s why we've developed safety technology that not only helps protect occupants but takes into consideration pedestrians as well.

Our associates developed advanced collision mitigation systems to help reduce the likelihood of collisions. And, in the event of impact, they created Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE™) body structures in all our vehicles to help absorb the impact of frontal collisions to reduce the likelihood or severity of injury.


Vehicles That Think

We were inspired by a dream: What if cars could actively work to help keep the people inside them safe? But asking “what if” is never enough at Honda, so we created a groundbreaking driver safety and assistance system.

The result is Honda Sensing™ and AcuraWatch™: a suite of safety and assistance features that can help mitigate collisions, and a huge step toward our goal of zero collisions beginning with our 2040 model year vehicles.


Virtual & Real-World Tests

Maximizing safety in our vehicles means knowing what to expect when the unexpected happens.

That’s why we developed two of the world’s most advanced crash-test facilities — including the largest ever built and first to allow multi-directional crashes.

But that’s not all. Honda dreamt bigger to create some of the most advanced virtual crash tests in the world. All this combines to make safer roads for everyone.


Creating a Safer Driving Experience

SAFE SWARM™ is a technology concept aimed at realizing safe and smooth traffic flow using connected car technologies.


Safety for Everyone

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Luxuriously Secure

Acura is the first and only luxury nameplate to earn NHTSA’s top safety rating — a 5-Star Overall Vehicle Score — across its entire model line.


Honda and Safety

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